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Swark has created an integrated service that enables you to find, design and rehabilitate property for investment, with excellent return rates:


HOUSEHUNTING. We will find you the right property for your  investment project. 

Among all the buildings available on the market, we pre-select those that best suit your goals in terms of program, budget and return rates, thus streamlining the purchase decision-making process.

PROJECTS. We recreate the space, according to your intended program.

We put together the best technical team with proven experience in rehabilitation works, to successfully put your investment project to practice, and we also deal with the bureaucratic procedures required by all responsible bodies.

RENOVATION. We rehabilitate your property. 

We manage the project and we closely monitor the quality standards of the rehabilitation works and the compliance with established deadlines, making sure that there are no deviations from the previously agreed budget.


Hiring SWARK's services gives you access to specialized know-how, which allows you to make the most of a rapidly emerging market, carrying out your project in real time and lowering investment risk.

SWARK operates exclusively in the rehabilitation sector and was a pioneer in creating and developing an integrated service that includes Property Scouting + Building Design + Rehabilitation Works.

We boast an extensive knowledge of the territory we operate in, rooted in hundreds of visits to historical buildings since our establishment, and we therefore are able to offer our clients investment opportunities that  would otherwise be out of reach for them.

Seeing each project has specifications of its own, SWARK takes on the responsibility of putting together and coordinating a team of architects, engineers, archaeologists and contractors who, armed with a vast experience and in-depth knowledge of the rehabilitation sector, will turn your project into a reality. 
This way we ensure that the project is completed within the established time frame and that it keeps to the initial budget, while aiming at the highest quality standards and maximizing profitability and the return on your investment.

We are well aware of the complexity of the administrative procedures attached to property investment and we know the legal and procedural routines of the rehabilitation investment sector. Hence, at Swark, we adopt a stance of permanent update, to be able to represent our clients' best interests before the responsible bodies.

SWARK is part of the Building Designers Community of Porto Vivo – the  agency in charge of the rehabilitation of Oporto's historical centre - and we are also a member of APRUPP, the Portuguese Association for Urban Renewal and Heritage Preservation.








Swark operates Downtown, in the Historical Centre, in Foz, and in the River Front  in Oporto and Gaia.

We realize every city has a lifecycle of its own and we are watching Oporto's rebirth with great satisfaction. Urban dynamics are back Downtown and people are finally starting to acknowledge the privilege of living in the heart of this magnificent and welcoming city.

Because Oporto is much more than the home of Port Wine... It's a city where the seagulls' cries line the sky and the granite walls echo our footsteps. A city where the streets serve as a frame for the aromas and the water shines of the Douro, the river that follows our gaze to Foz, suddenly stopping to show us the sea.

Once the sun touches the soothing horizon, melting into the deep blue and bathing all the houses in a golden light, we realize this is a city we need to live in. We realize we want to keep on feeling the heat emanating from the stone; we want to keep on listening to the sound of the sea; and we want to keep on enjoying that sunset every single day.

By nightfall, a new life sets in. Families promenade on the streets and crowds of young people fill the renovated city squares in the centre, coming in and out of cafés, restaurants, bars and clubs, searching for music and for entertainment.

A house in Oporto means being able to enjoy the daily buzz of a friendly-sized city, with markets, groceries, shops, cafés, art galleries, music venues and museums, all within easy reach on foot, by bike or by metro.

Hidden from the stare of passers-by, several of these houses have private gardens, ideal for children's play, for an urban vegetable garden or for a summer barbecue grill.

On weekends or later in the day, Oporto's surroundings offer you the chance to play golf, to jog, to go fishing or surfing... Or to simply relax in a terrace by the riverside or by the sea.

Oporto is also extremely close to four World Heritage sites to which is always a pleasure to return: the Alto Douro Wine Region, the Historic Centre of Guimarães, the Prehistoric Rock Art Sites in the Côa Valley and the Old Town of Santiago de Compostela. The airport is accessible by metro and gets you to the main European cities in less than two hours.

Each day that goes by, more and more Portuguese and foreign citizens decide to live, work and enjoy life in this wonderful city.

The time is now. Now is the right moment for you to find your opportunity, to fall in love... and to be a part of the rebirth of one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in the world.



Most of our clients appreciate the convenience of depending on our integrated service of  Property Scouting + Building Design + Rehabilitation Works. However, Swark offers modular services that can be hired independently. This flexibility regarding the services we offer is reflected on the diversity of our portfolio.


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